Thessaloniki and its history

The Bride of Thermaikos. The Co-reigning city. The sparkling city. These are some of the many names that have been given to the largest city of Macedonia during her twenty three century presence.

A welcoming land for three of the world's major religions and a metropolis of to three empires, Thessaloniki was founded in a privileged location, which boosted its financial growth but was also the cause for dozens of sieges and conflicts.

With its amphitheatrical placement that faces Thermaikos gulf, the city of Thessaloniki is of major interest from a historical point of view and invites you to discover its cultural and architectural monuments.

Learn more about the history of Thessaloniki... wonder through its monuments, get to know the gem of Macedonia through its traditions, its beauty, its landscapes and its cuisine... Experience the real side of Thessaloniki!

Makedonia Palace luxury hotel Thessaloniki - City History Thessaloniki was founded by Kassandros, in a privileged position which boosted its financial growth. Makedonia Palace location is in the heart of the city.