A paradise located at a ten minute distance from Thessaloniki

You always pictured your wedding reception at the idyllic setting of a green estate. Makedonia Palace makes your dream come true at the DEDAS estate!

Its privileged location, only ten minutes away from the center of Thessaloniki, makes this romantic estate the ideal destination for your wedding reception. In a 25,000 square meter area, housing a riding club and a scenic chapel that is ideal for weddings, the management by the experienced team of Makedonia Palace, will turn the most important moment of your life into an unforgettable experience!

Visit the DEDAS estate and discover a green area that is ideal for the wedding of your dreams in Thessaloniki!

Social events at Ktima Deda Thessaloniki - Makedonia Palace Experience the highlights of your life at Ktima Deda, under the management of Makedonia Palace Hotel which is located only 10 minutes away from Thessaloniki city center